Good Health Naturally was founded in 1986 by Robert, with the principle of improving the health and well-being of people’s lives through nutritional supplements, vitamins, and minerals, as well as raising awareness about the benefits of using natural solutions.


Following the death of his parents in their early sixties, Robert felt the drive to help others in their own recovery to live longer lives and enjoy good health. He studied nutrition and health along with the causes of diseases and determined that diet and lifestyle were the most important contributions to health and longevity and after extensively analyzing a vast array of nutritional research, Good Health Naturally was founded.


Over the past three decades, Good Health Naturally has grown, continually researching, developing and introducing specialist ranges of premium quality products and many thousands of people have experienced their own health transformations, through discovering Robert’s health websites, books, TV & radio interviews, and nutritional discoveries. Robert is also the author of several top selling books including “The Miracle Enzyme”, “Turning a Blind Eye” and “Mastering Acupuncture.” You can find Robert’s Books Here.


Premium Health Solution Providers


Pioneers in providing cutting edge natural health solutions, Good Health Naturally’s range of products includes the HealthPoint™, an electro-acupressure device targeting pressure points on the body, providing natural pain relief. We’re also renowned for introducing the Serrapeptase enzyme to the world wide web. Since its introduction, many thousands of people have found natural pain relief for their health conditions.


Our superior Liposomal formula, MaxiFocus™, containing over 24 nutrients, supports good eye health, while CurcuminX4000™, our most clinically studied Curcumin on the market, utilizes Meriva® sustained released technology for long-lasting effectiveness once absorbed into the bloodstream. CurcuminX4000™ is a powerful antioxidant that can support the body’s normal inflammatory response and supporting studies show that Curcumin can provide effective relief for joint pain.


As leading health solution providers, we ensure that we only use the highest grade, certified ingredients of the purest quality and never use low quality, cheap fillers, as many other providers do. Our ingredients are clinically proven, supported by studies and our health solutions are extensively researched, scientifically formulated and manufactured to the highest-quality standards.


We abide by the standards and regulations set out by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), with manufacturing procedures which guarantee that every stage and material is analyzed and audited to ensure maximum stability and activity.

By following this ethos, we provide only the highest quality nutritional supplements and health solutions, supported with reliable, published research. Our focus is, and always will be, on providing premium health products with ingredients that are extensively researched and clinically proven to work.

Alongside our premium products, we also provide Health Coaching from our team of qualified ‘Good Health Coaches’. If you are looking for additional support regarding specific health concerns, please contact ‘My Good Health Coaching’ at

Robert’s daughter, Lucy Redfern, followed in her father’s footsteps and launched Wholesale Health in 2001, to supply Good Health Naturally products to practitioners and independent nutritional retail stores. If you are a professional practitioner or a retail outlet and wish to sell Good Health Naturally products to your clients, please visit for more information.

Contact & Support

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